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Those who don't know, we got a new Bridge Set that was snuck in under the radar.
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Since there was no pictures in the C/Atari Store or on the Homepage, since It said "Sovereign" Bridge Pack, I thought this might be one of the first authentic Bridge Sets, the Sovereign's being the first.

Well, I was wrong. Instead of a entirely new bridge set, its just the same bridge set as the Alliance / Ceremonial / Diplomat / and Star Explorer Bridge set with a new paint scheme. And honestly, I feel like I've been scammed. Even if it was for 96 Cryptic / Atari points.

So Cryptic, would you please explain why are you giving us rehash of an already existing bridge pack and giving it the misleading label of the "Sovereign" Bridge set. Especially when it doesn't even look remotely similar to the Bridge we saw in First Contact, Insurrection, or Nemesis?

I would appricate your end of the angle.

But right now, I personally think you should give us who expected an authentic bridge, a refund.

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