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On the DS9 station map in my mission "No Peace More Action", I have set wander distance, duration, speed, nodes, and weight to the maximum for several groups of Federation NPCs. They aren't moving.

My suspicion is that this implementation of the DS9 map lacks pathing nodes for NPCs to use, which results in them standing around.

Note that I am aware that wander AI doesn't work on preview missions and this problem is present in the published version on Tribble.

It may be an issue with the NPCs themselves or my understanding of pathing. However, with all of the relevant variables turned all the way up, I'd expect them to be racing around like bumper cars.

The only other possibility I can think of is that I use invisible walls to fence the player into the relevant portion of DS9 and that, somehow, this is severing connections between pathing nodes, if that makes sense. (My goal is to have some NPCs milling inside the invisible walls and some milling outside, to simulate more life and activity on the map.

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