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# 1 Missing Trophy
02-01-2011, 06:36 PM
I was looking on some strategy websites, there is a floor trophy entitled "Ghost Ship" that looks like the triolic wave enhancer devices. On those sites it is tied to the Romulan Front missions "Ghost Ship" I have completed that mission twice, and aquired both "Always the Scanner, Never the Scanned", and "Once a Base, Always a Base: hidden accolades. However, I cannot find that trophy, nor set up. Which accolade is it activated by? Or is this a bug?

On another note, perhapse there should be floor trophy for completeing The Cure. Since there is an Assimilated Romulan ship, maybe there could be an Assimilated Carrier floor trophy too. I suggest make it tied to the accolade so that players who have completed that mission do not have to reaccomplish that mission to recieve it.

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