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# 11 No Respawn at the Boss
01-26-2011, 01:24 PM
So a few of my fleet are doing Accolades to past some time yesterday and we started to do Terradome to get the Liquidated Kill 1000 Undine accolade.

So we do the space and ground parts OK, to the boss without any major wipes.

However Sulu got killed and you get the prompt that you failed... So we find out you cannot respawn and run again, you need to leave the map - break group and then go back in again only to start again to Kill Power Nodes etc.

Cryptic Dev Team how did manage to butcher this mission anymore than what it currently was? NO doubt if their is a way you will find it.

At least you could respawn and then attempt the end boss again without running the basic Undine Wall of Death again in the old version.

Why don't you try to be a little bit professional in your attempts to fix something like this, because your track record with this and Cure is taking a beating right now with the STO Community....
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# 12
01-28-2011, 07:43 PM
Yeah I pretty much wanted to gauge my PC the other night when attempting Terradome. Bunch of BS is what it was. I totally want to fight sixty Undine for four hours with a crap PUG then just have Sulu glitch and die.

What a pile of crap.
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# 13
02-02-2011, 09:29 AM
It took them 5 weeks to repair the bug that kept you from completing the defari mission. That equates to about 2 years to fix this one. They will continue to operate like this because there are enough people who say " well they are doing the best they can , ill just ignore that feature of the game until they can fix it" its a free pass for them to continue to business as usual. Wonder how long a bug in the cstore that keeps you from spending money lasts.

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