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# 1 Why Fail Cure?
02-02-2011, 09:37 AM
This seems like a sore topic so lets ask some serious questions.

What is required to finish this mission?
4 persons, properly outfitted, working in concert, with the required abilities.
There are only 4 transmitters so only 4 are required.

Properly outfitted means leaving all the small and med consumables at home. large every thing. Is ALL your gear mk XI with very few exceptions? Head to toe and both weapons need to be suited for the job. I prefer the mk XI ED with health and shield regen. Ships are the same way. Dont come to these fights packing mk X and expect ppl to carry you. A combat parser is a good way to see whos sand bagging it.

Working in concert means just that. It only takes one tool to break the machine. Nuf said.

Make sure your skills follow the abilities you use the most. Chase the lines and make sure your fully speced to do the job ahead.

Have a good plan and good hunting.

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