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Dont understand me wrong: The ships look good. BUT

I always loved in startrek the big ships with a few hundred people on board, with saucer section and two warp pods.

In the movies I liked most the sovereign class and the akira class even more. I never liked ships with three or four warp pods ( or what ever they are called in english, sorry)

The game starts with an Miranda that looks good. I customized it with parts of the two other classes and there was no problem.

Than i took the constellation but also liked the nova class.

Than I can have my favorite, the Akira. But this ship is weak and for me the game is over, I have everything I looked for .

May the outside is not important, but I always see the ship, some would say that I should be glad to even have a choice, and yes I am.

But thats me. I like to choose a ship I like and so I jump from cruiser to eskort, to science maybe. I would play a doctor and maybe help other ships in battle in space.

But the science ships will all have three warp pods in the end, thats unacceptable for me.
The escorts become too much fighterstyle. I know the defiant looks nice and is big too but for me it always looked and behave like a small fighter and not like a big ship. The biggest eskort in the end are also too much racecar.
And last but not least, the cruisers have four warp pods after sovereign.
But at the end I will return to the cruisers.

In the movies, the ships became a more fragile style, which I liked. In the game they become more heavy and ponderous.

I know the reason why I cannot choose between different numbers of warp pods have some technic causes.

I never liked the Neg'Vah, in the game all Klingeon ships (except the Neg'Vah of course) look great. I always loved the Bird of Prey design, and the heavy ones are awesome.


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