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# 1 STF issues to fix
01-09-2011, 11:58 AM
Gozer wanted a thread on this and I haven't seen one elsewhere, so here lets try to compile actual issues and problems with the STF. Too hard or they suck doesn't count. Specific issues, like the borg patrol group at place X seems to get stuck on terrain Y making them impossible to kill, does count.

  • The KDF version has an extra patrol that does not exist in the Fed version, in one of the hallways beyond Captain Ogen.
  • Its possible for people to get stuck under the ramp near the door in the final room with plasma floors, and be unreachable by teammates trying to resuscitate them. Simply closing off the sides of the ramp would stop this.
  • One or more of the corner consoles in the final room have geometry problems. You are forced to stand in a very precise spot in front of them to activate them, unlike the other consoles.

  • Borg Node groups at the transformers seem to instantly respawn when the last of the group is killed.
  • The respawn point after the final transformer gate does not seem to work properly, it doesn't seem to go active until after destroying the backup power generators, at which point you're already well past it.
  • Armek's node groups respawn, making it pointless to waste time killing them, and instead people ignore them entirely.

Khitomer Accord
  • After the initial gate battle, and going through the time vortex, you enter another space map that has to be cleared before moving to the ground portion. However, there is no mission save point on the ground. This means that if a group gets to the ground portion, then quits to resume later, they have to start at this second space portion all over again. This is a much bigger issue for individuals who crash or who get caught on map loading issues from space to ground, because their team will be on the ground, yet they will have no choice but to redo the space portion on their own to get back to the group.
  • The first group or two of Borg on the ground seem to be on speed, moving noticeably faster than everything else in the instance.
  • The respawn at the large three level room can be buggy, sometimes people will respawn at the entrance despite the fact they should respawn at the big room with their team.

  • I haven't done Terradome since it was released so someone will have to help with what is still broken

  • Elite tactical drones have a period of invincibility that is really quite unclear what is going on with them. This affects all the STFs, and of course any other non STF content with Elite tactical drones. The original implementation of them had them replenishing their shields after they dropped, but currently they just go invincible and its not clear if this is intended or if there is a trick to it.
  • The cure really should have a respawn point after the first quad-transformer gate, so there is a respawn after every gate. Running from the tri-transformer gate to the final gate is an annoying waste of time.
  • The cure suffers from a lot of frustration due to the respawn point issues and endless running back to the transformers on a wipe, as well as the total lack of a reset mechanism that the other STFs have. Infected and KA both have reset mechanisms that reset the tricky parts of those STFs for you, the boss room on Infected, and the generator shields on KA. In cure, however, you have to manually clear the entire transformer area each time of all the workers and node groups before you can start again. It is largely a pointless waste of time, and is definitely a cause for people's frustrations with the cure. I'd suggest the area self resets if a worker resets a transformer, and all the workers and node groups can just transport out. This would leave the actual challenging portion intact, while removing a lot of the time consuming frustration from failures.
  • Tactical team still doesn't remove Borg boarding parties, the only NPCs who even use boarding parties.
  • With the change to the missions, you can no longer have both missions at once for the RA and VA versions. However, this can cause serious problems for teams where people enter the wrong instance, take the wrong mission, etc. It wouldn't be an issue if one could immediately drop and take the appropriate mission, but since there is the timer on them, making the same mistake a couple times can prevent someone from playing them at all. It would really be nice to see them all just one mission instead of the silliness of two different missions for the same thing, or just let us take both missions again.
  • Borg set rewards apparently can't be sold to a vendor.
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# 2
01-09-2011, 08:55 PM
For the Elite tactical drones that have a period of invincibility there is a trick to it, you need to start to melee them long enough to get them back into a shootable stance to kill them.

Yes for Cure the respawns need to be added and unlocked after each main gate as well as at the Y intersection area before the boss fight. aswell for Cure the easiest way to deal with the transformers is to leave the medics since they deal minimal damage and only melee clear out the rest of the nodes and elites/drones that way you only need to deal with the workers at each transformer.

Assimilation stacking in stf's and in pve general needs to have a 15-30 sec player imunity from the first time they get assimilated same goes to the roots and holds during the missions.
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# 3
01-10-2011, 02:41 PM
Added a few more issues.
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# 4
01-10-2011, 06:20 PM
terradome can break where if oyu are an engineer and you drop a cover shield on the consoles that the engineers work on in the deja vu part, it can cause the console to move and the hacking progress stops.

At least I think that is what did it, cause the console moved, and we were unable to hack the console that moved which was #1.

so unless #1 is bugged period, this is a problem.
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# 5
01-11-2011, 10:32 AM
The last time I tried the STF mission Terradome was in September and did not try it anymore.

But there was a Dev that was trying to fix it:

He/she almost got the Sulu room working normally. It just need a different kind of fix, and not the same as the Deja Vu fix.
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# 6
02-03-2011, 02:07 AM
We just did "KA" and got to "search base" completed all objectives, got to Defeat Donatras Minions, at which point we kill EVERYTHING in sight, and in the entire complex, AND STILL it wasn't complete, needless to say I'm guessing its bugged, as we were never able to finish it. Will have to start all over, which is oh so fun as thats only hours wasted ;(

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