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I saw a visual bug on 2 consoles into the Galaxy bridge on the left and the right. Triumph Bridge.

> Screen.
Lt. Commander
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02-03-2011, 12:54 PM
Yeah, lovely isn't it?

And how about all the posts you got telling you how they are gonna get to that...soon?



See. The problem here is that this was brought up months ago, when they first put these in the c-store. That's right. They have been like this since they were offered for sale and they are still selling them like this.

No word about fixing them. No word at all. They are ignoring the issue like so many others. No time, working our butts off, doin' it all for you......

But, this is what we really get. Half-arsed products that are never fixed.

Oh, and if you really want to see the quality craftsmaship on that bridge, go over to the center platform and squat down at the very end of the bottom step on either side and look at those big holes that show space through them.

Nice touch huh?

All snideness aside, I feel for you OP and hope they eventually honor our money by giving us quality products. For myself personally, I have given up on expecting much anymore.

Stuff lke this is still praised and purchased by the loyal so I know nothing will change.

Buisness is buisness, and if we buy crap, they will sell us crap.

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