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Loved the cut scenes, just wanted to say that right off the bat. Hope to see more of those in future episodes.

Ran it twice today. Commander9 Tac and VA1 Sci. The Sci optional objective was a great addition. Glad to see more class specific content coming in. Couldn’t really tell if there was an optional Tac objective.

Really enjoyed using my own transporter room to get to the mission, I know that may be a minor thing to some, but I thought it was a nice touch.

No major complaints save for the reward. It would have been nice if the BOFF rewards scaled. i.e. blue[Rare] for commander, purple[Very rare] for VA1. Unfortunately, past level 5 or so those white common BOFF’s are pretty worthless.

Couldn’t help but to notice, the non-federation freighter was supposed to be a Bolian ship, and I believe the old version had a Bolian crew. This new version only had 1 Bolian on the whole thing… the Captain. Very minor thing I know, but still stood out as inconsistent for me.

Great mission re-vamp, keep it up Devs.

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