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Originally Posted by wildmugato View Post
there is NO order..NO rules,,NO structure..and above all NO LEADERSHIP...
No leadership, you obviously werent around long or participated.

Alpha Squadron is relaxed and if anyone gets kicked from it, it is due to some sort of abuse. I swore on Vent once and was instantly ASKED (seeing how everyone else seems to enjoy the use of capitals) not to in future, it was a very nice conversation and I respected their wishes for the fact that it is an all age fleet. I have been with the fleet a while now and watched it grow rapidly.

The fleet has outgrown a single Fleet Account and that is just the Federation side, so there is obviously enough players to disagree with you. The fleet has a full bank and a is saving millions of EC per month in prep for season 4. That does not stop the leaders buying Aegis sets for its members as part of rewards for various activities.

Dedicated vent server, raffles, prizes that everyone wants, multiple STF runs per day without fail as part of our goal to get new RA players through them. Fleet chat is constant, 15 or more logged in at anytime usually, I would bet almost 50 on Saturday with a constant 25 at least 24/7 until monday. Always people wanting help or offering help and they get it.

Thanks Alpha Squadron the fleet has improved my game experiance especially helping me to get the entire Borg set in a single day.

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