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02-04-2011, 04:44 AM
My only real issue with ESD as it stands is its "social ring zone" disconcerting because there is nothing on the station itself that looks like that. If the windows were changed with a more gradual curve It would make more sense, but as it stands just feels like some weird dimensional pocket. lol

Outside of that I love the new space dock.

I feel like the exterior is a good scale. I never got the sense in Star Trek III that the dock was meant to house several dozen ships, it always felt like it was designed to house 2 on each interior spoke and that was it. Seeing how massive the galaxy is in dock in reacquisitions reinforced that it was never meant to hold several at a time, and the exterior seems to match that.

The interior is not meant to be a playground for people to zip around in, its far too small for that even in its "original" size in ST III and scaling it up five times will just give it the ridiculous old ESD proportions. If the devs made a shuttle only area however filled with high rez ships like the requisitions' galaxy, I would be totally in favor of that. :p

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