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02-04-2011, 12:50 AM
Originally Posted by BlindPilot
all of the team need there own timer seeing how they all do different things and your not going to send 1 team to do the others jobs
Yeah but, sure you have three separate teams, but only out set of turbolifts. While one crew is using them the others wait in the lobby listening to ♫ The Girl From Ipanema
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02-04-2011, 12:59 AM
Originally Posted by Thlaylie View Post
That's what I thought when I first saw it do that.

A bunch of Ensigns suddenly stop and change uniforms before taking on the class Team job, thus the cool down. :p

I'm thinking even the smaller ships would have enough crew to have separate teams available.

I always try to shoot the Breen Cruiser in the aft end, but game "balancing" mechanics on higher levels have it spinning like an Escort and I'm pretty sure these mechanics let it SNB you from the sides as well to make it "challenging."
What if the teams share elements like a science and engineering officer or two among six tacs would still be a tac team and could explain the global cool down? if your science team has a tac officer that the tactical team needs then both teams cannot be deployed at the same time.

Still this is one case I have to agree with you on. The global cool downs have lead me to only carry one copy of engineering team and science team and I do not use tactical team still. I have also learned to rely on other skills that do not impact the XXXteams cool downs. If the XXXteams did not share global cooldowns one would be able to make more flexible builds.
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02-04-2011, 10:39 AM
It can be got around and I've only had this minor inconvenience in PvE with the Breen so far.

I just wait until after the inevitable SNB to pop Tac Team with them whereas Tac Team has been quite useful when dealing with the other races.

It is just a new toy and I hate to see it not work just because the Breen have to use as many powers as possible.
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02-04-2011, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by Thlaylie View Post
The problem is the Breen, or Tractor Breen as I like to call them.

The "Cheat Great" Cruisers put out a lot of firepower on the higher levels and pretty much turn like an Escort so Tac Team is now finally usefull.

However since the Breen can ONLY fight by using Sci powers, you never know when they are going to SNB you.

So you have to manually adjust your shields like before the fixing of Tac Team making it somewhat useless in this situation.

I guess you can wait until they pop SNB then use Tac Team, but I like how it works in other encounters.
My anti-Chel-Grett strategy is to jam them instantly when in range, get behind them, wail on em good, then tric them into oblivion.
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02-04-2011, 11:27 AM
Any one BOff ability puts another ability that runs off of the same Starship Stat as another buts the second one into cooldown, dude.
If you fire up a High Yield Torp, and you also have the Spread Torps on your power tray, it goes into cooldown. Gravimetric Shift can put Tachynon Beam into cooldown. And vice versa. It's been like this since pretty much day one.

And since everyone is comparing Breen Fighting tactics, I'll pitch in the same:
Keep your distance from the Frigates, and if they get the tractor beam on ya, just Polarize your Hull. If you have it, hit 'em with a Scramble Sensors cloud as they approach (they tend to bunch together on their approaches) and watch 'em start hassling each other. Their shields go down relatively quickly, so use anything like Rapid Fire cannon shots, Beam Overloads, or Target their generators, then blast 'em with High Yield Torpeadoes.
The Cruisers are trickier, but the tactics to fight 'em are simple. As suggested, keep either to their rear flanks or aft of them completely so they can't train their Subnucleonic Beams on you. If they do hit you with it, just keep a Science Team on standby. Then, if you can, hit 'em with your own Subnucleonic Beam, and watch 'em flounder as you take apart their shields. If yer not a Sci Cap and don't have SN Beam, well, just keep the Science Team ready to go, keep to their rear, manage your shields properly, and hit 'em with those torps when their facing shields go down. Their shields are only so much better than the frigates, but their hull can take a bit of a pounding, so be quick with those torps.
As for Battleships.... well, they're just tough all around. Get ready to go bananas. If you have Scramble Sensors, use 'em when their fighters launch. It'll distract the battleship and give you time to get past it's shields and lay into the hull. Try not to flank it too much, because as a cruiser-type ship it has a mean broadside. Just keep your shields strong to ward off those intense torpeado volleys and you'll be okay.

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