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02-04-2011, 01:11 PM
Originally Posted by Artificialx
I guess it means Cryptic are doing a good job if his most pressing concern about the latest changes is that the club is too lively.

The most interesting part of this thread however, is the debate over whether starfleet are even a military organisation. Its a conversation I have had with fleetmates in the past..
True dat.

Ya raise some good points. Is the Federation Military? Yes. Are they a peace keeping force? Heck yeah. a military need not look for violence and conflict...

However if I look at the evolution of the Federation, if I look at their agenda and if I look at all the facets involved within the federation then the Answer is both yes and no.

Take a country like Canada. They have a military, they have science, they have everything the Federation has. The question goes beyond a simple yes or no. The Federation is like a giant country made up of planets to put it in simple terms so Artificialx has it right about para-military on some levels. What confused me originally was the Military like dicipline the federation has is a contrast to their overall mission on a lot of levels and their diplomatic view points.

They are a military unit when they have to be, but they are way beyond the scope of any military force we know of. They have to be so much more evolved to deal with everything unusual so that they definitely need to be a military, and yet they have encounters in which the last thing they should be is military.

Military tactics are employed, as is organization and structure. It is but one function of a greater cause. So they are a non-military military Federation.
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02-04-2011, 02:10 PM
Ok...I say we all go to Club 47 tomorrow. I'll by a round of drinks. After which, we can do the new weekly. Sound good?

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