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02-04-2011, 04:29 AM
Some of it was really impressive, other elements I'd be reaching for the mute button in a heartbeat.
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02-04-2011, 05:45 AM
Not all of these are practical... and I'm no fan of including the music (though I suppose that's what the audio sliders are for) but yeah, this'd be a considerable improvement. It'd fill the game out a bit, if that makes any sense. Hold my attention, anyway. So far I've been doing my missions and watching DVDs at the same time.
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02-04-2011, 09:17 AM
Come on, be reasonable.
The basic idea is great, but adding at least 6 voiceover, alien voices, alien language, accents, text reader... man, do you even imagine how much work and money for a small developer team would be? I give you a hint: The budget of SW-TOR is proper. Eh, ...yes, the most expensive MMO of all time. ...Do you really think Cryptic would even think about?

So let's think smaler. Not every NSC have to brabbel. I think a good voicegenerator with chosen pattern would do the work as well. As well some chosen Answers for the BOF's. Hopefully this would come as cheap as possible, but still have to have some quality. This kind of textreader just have to lerarn some trekysh technobabble and some names.

So what informations would be practical for the Captain in STO?
In Space comabat almost every heard message in the video is usefull.
In Ground combat i think the whole brabble is useless, besides bothering. So, just usefull messages. Something like "Grenade!", or "I'm hit!"

For the begining it would have to suffice.
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02-04-2011, 10:03 AM
This is everything the game needs. And i dont think it would take too much to get the team to do the voices. How good would it be if it was like this!! Cryptic please take this on board.
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02-04-2011, 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by TheLoner View Post
well if they did voice overs they they would need to make at least 3 for each species and both male and female ones (so that would be 6 total ) Aliens on the other hand would need alot more

as for the foundry all they would need to do is use the voice system from microsoft sam in implement inside sto to carry a Actors voice tones and from their u could have it where players can make their own characters for missions have the right voice for the right type a character u need

You'd need at least 5 for each gender. Since most aliens speak English on Star Trek what you would need is tone and dialog.

1. Calm
2. Unsure
3. Wise
4. Tough
5. Logical

Each would have to have their own unique dialog based on the tone.
You'd probably have to put various other voices as well so you could have different options for logical (say 5 Voice Actors per tone).
Two genders that's 50 different voices.

Then you need to record the actual dialog.

Mind you, this doesn't include other NPC voice overs.
In the end, the total cost would likely be greater than the cost of STO's development.

Remember, customization is the name of the game in an MMO.

As for Microsoft SAM...

That's the quality you want?
The problem is that voice synthesis hasn't advanced enough to be good quality with desktops computers. You can buy high powered programs that do great jobs with high powered computers but for STO, it would just sound horrible.
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02-04-2011, 06:23 PM
You forgot the foreighn speech, like german and french. That would trippe the ammount of voices.
But you are right. You should know, that even SWTOR hasn't such a big palette of speech patterns to choose from. And even the amount of speech of SWTOR is too much work and money, as I already said, for any game from Cryptic.
To speak clear, your idea is the utopical choice, wich it'll never come true for STO.

There are some good voiced textreaders around, and here I think, that even the most expensive around is much cheaper as an armada of speakers to pay.

At the bottom line, we have to remain resonable. There are some wishes, STO would never get. A big wide world like WOW. Free generated toons, free generated items like kits, armor and weapons, etc. the list goes on. And last but not least, the voiceover of that size you (actually we all) wish.

...or maybe...,let's ask otherwise:
Would we be willing to pay a real amount of money for an Addon with just voiceovers in it? This could be funded in such a kind. I definitely would pay for such an Addon.
As for Microsoft SAM...
Microsoft Sam vs. Microsoft Anna
Microsoft Sam vs. AT&T Natural Voices

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