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02-04-2011, 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by malianx View Post
Never seen an MMO with patches as big as 1 Gig? What have you been playing, facebook games? The definitive LEADER of the industry, World of ******** has an install that's over 20 Gigs now, with SPLIT patches each being over a gig.
i have played WoW for a while. i haven't in a bit so sure i accept some things have changed since then. but i never had a 1GB download. of course that wasn't too far since burning crusade came out... don't get me wrong i see bigger downloads as the way things are going... that wasn't the point. it was just that i don't think that super speed connections are the STANDARD yet.. and people still play on DSL which has a decent upload speed and on download i generally get somewhere around 200K /sec. plenty fast enough to play on but not to do a risky large size download.

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