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Hi there,

as the title suggests I'm looking for a fleet. Since most of the fleets that bump their threads here daily didn't catch my interest I'm asking for recommendations/invitations.

So, who's me: end-20s casual player, who is active about 2h per weekday and all day every other weekend, with experience in mmo and star trek pbem rp. from europe; perfectionist in playstyle, not looking for the easiest way all through the missions but the full experience, once hooked to an mmo usually well informed.

I'm only playing one char atm, tac on escort, VA of course; the general storyline behind this char stands but I haven't taken time to elaborate on details yet. Once the Romulans get into the game, I intend to play mainly there though.

What do I want from a fleet:
1. International people (pretty much self explaining)
2. Activity in PVP
3. Nice folks to chat and hang out with after stressful work, doing missions together, esp. STFs (which I haven't done any yet), DSE, War Zones.
4. Some RP'ing without the need to strictly divide between IC and OOC, just casual character development. Maybe even a fixed time once a week for RP, that'd be brilliant.
5. No "sell your soul" deals. I don't intend to quit any other community membership to join a certain fleet.
6. Voice should be optional, not mandatory (of course makes sense in STFs, but sometimes I prefer just to type).

I hope not to be too demanding. You may reply here or contact me via intercom on my bridge. :p

Live long and prosper,

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