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Okay... I've been involved with Star Trek since TOS (even though I was just a small kid I watched it every week... even begging to stay up later on Friday nights when it was moved to Friday @ 10:00pm)

I've met the entire original cast + Gene Roddenberry + other cast members, writers, guests, etc... over the course of multiple decades.

I've watched every incarnation of Trek numerous times: all series, including the animated one, all movies, even the Abrams version, and own the majority of these on DVD/BluRay. I've also read the majority of trek novels as well, several times.

I've been playing computer games since pong! I have just about every game system going back to Atari (coincidence?) and have participated in the evolution of computer-based games prior to the on-line games.

My point? I don't want to jump through a whole series of hoops (requirements) to join/participate in a fleet. I've been playing STO on and off since beta. Nor do I want to wait around for days or weeks while some group decides my worthiness to be a member. I just want to play the game knowing that I have a team of fleet members that want to and are availble to join forces to complete missions and battle in space and on away missions. I also would like a fleet that has members that will actually be on-line on a regular basis. Granted, we all have lives and family members in the real world to contend with, nevertheless there probably are members that want to make time in the evening and/or weekends when available to participate. If such a fleet exists, please let me know.

Note: I'm on the west side of the U.S.: AZ time (i.e. don't switch daylight savings time) if this is a consideration.

Thank You!

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