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02-05-2011, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by spartan844
We already have PvP Territory Wars (Capture and Hold PvP matches), exploration, (I.E.: Delta Volanis Cluster, Arucanis Arm sector, ect.), and interior functionality (trophies), though not in the level you're describing. Also, Fleet Starbases would seem a little strange, if you all technically belong to the same fleet. I think what you mean is MORE starbases, but the ability for fleets to anchor smaller bases like the ones orbiting ESD to act as fleet co-ordination hubs. Also, your idea for Fleet Starbases is sounding a LOT like EVE Online's Player Operated Stations.
Sorry but you can not call 1 Capture and Hold map PVP Territory Wars. They are crap. Yes we do have interiors, If yo ucan call them that. 3 for everyone that are the same and serve no purpose. What he is getting at is STO has a long way to go and if this is now the Dev's focus for the future then it is poor. I for one can justify STO by logging in for an hour once a week for a mission with nothing else to do.

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