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The Holodeck Shard will be coming down for emergency maintenance at 12:45pm Pacific.

Expected downtime is 1 hour while the Network Engineers evaluate the performance issue that started shortly after the launch of the new Featured Episode series "cloaked intentions".

We are commited to resolving this issue today and hope to have the feature episode as well as the game back up and running as soon as possible.


1:40pm Pacific UPDATE
The shard is starting back up after the downtime maintenance - we will open up the logins as soon as we confirm it is all green and up and running.

We are discussing putting in place a temporary login queue while we continue to investigate the issue. This would allow the players who are online to have a better experience and hopefully help us catch the issue if it happens again.

More updates to follow as we have them.


2:05pm Pacific UPDATE
We have restared the Holodeck shard and opened up the server for gameplay once again.

We have set a temporary login queue that some players may see while we continue to investigate this issue. Once we feel we are in the clear, we will remove the login cap.

Thank you again for your patience.


8:30pm Pacific UPDATE
The login queues have been cleared and all players should be in game at this point. If you are still in a queue and not able to login, please close your game client, restart your launcher and log back into the game to reset your queue status. We did discover a bug today in the queue system that would put some players into a state that would show false numbers on their queue status. We believe that for now restarting the client will refresh your queue. We'll be making an update early next week to address the issue.

In the meantime - we will continue to monitor the high traffic over the weekend and some players may still see a queue at peak times. We will be adjusting the servers as necessary with the goal of getting everyone in game as fast as possible.

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