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02-06-2011, 06:20 AM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
for those interested in the technical side of things, the tool works great - so long as you are dealing with your primary character in the cutscene. The problem with space is that you are not your captain - you are your ship which is a completely different type of "entity" and doesn't know how to obey all the acting rules like "go stand here, then do this emote, then walk over there". Your ship goes... HUH?

Despite this - there is still a way to get cutscenes in space - but it involves creating a lot of extra "acting" logic to get the ships to do what you want them to - so not impossible - just takes a ton of time.

You'll notice we do have a new space cutscene in front of Stranded in Space (and there's always the old intro to the Fed tutorial).
that was the same problem with cutscenes in the nwn's toolkit when it originally was released.
what the community did was cloak the real main character and leave him there and create a copy of the main character if you need to see him

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