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02-06-2011, 11:56 AM
Originally Posted by naphl View Post
I did. The post I initially typed was straight from the heart and I realized it was more of an emotional reaction than a logical one. A moment later I could see more clearly and realized I was over reacting.

I think you guys are all looking to deeply into this. Its not that I want to launch a shuttle from the runabout. I simply want to use my shuttle pet while piloting my runabout. In my mind they left the starbase together, and the shuttle just goes and hides in combat.

I don't think a shuttle can fit inside a runabout. I am aware of the sizes of these two things. On this note, I can launch a pet runabout from my NX class, where do you suppose it fits in there? a runabout is much larger than a 2150s shuttle pod.

Let me phrase it like this. Where does my pet selhat or pet targ go? Where does it "launch" from? It suddenly appears from nowhere, just like the shuttle does. Nowhere in Star Trek have I ever seen a klingon keep a Targ in his pocket.

Why is it that you can accept that a targ appears out of nowhere, disappears in combat, and miraculously reappears but if a shuttle does the same its ridiculous?
dude....chillax a bit.

i got your thread and your roleplaying idea. i see what it is you are trying to say and are making attempts at others to understand.

maybe you did not read past the part you quoted me from.

maybe the devs chose to eliminate the ability to do so...maybe it was for reasons they have that we know not.

so, is your fridge box still in good enough shape or should i get you a new one?
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02-06-2011, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by Combadge
... the shuttles don't "launch" from our vessels, they just spawn near them.
Thanks dude, you get it.

Originally Posted by Sir_James_of_Cadiz
dude....chillax a bit. [...] so, is your fridge box still in good enough shape or should i get you a new one?
I will be the first to admit that I wear my heart on my sleeve and often react emotionally before I react logically, but if you truly want me to chillax why would you finish your post by taunting me?
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02-06-2011, 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by W-T-Riker

no one has a targ in his pocket
So says you, hmpf.

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