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at some point i'm sure some or all of my ideas here have been discussed already in some way or another here, so no need to say if anything is a repost. if it is, it's by accident. but also i think some of these need to be relooked at

player exploration/PvP:: lets open the boarders of all zones. i want to go into klingon space. PvP has always been sold to us as a voluntary thing. which is FINE... i VOLUNTEER to go into klingon space and be open to attack. the way you get around higher levels harassing noobs is you make a suppression zone. in enemy territory, you can't initiate combat against other players but you can be attacked. but let's take off level restrictions from fleet actions/PvP... if 20 birds of prey want to gang up on a galaxy class player, i think that should be allowed.

let's get rid of instant respawns.. star bases should be save points. in every other MMO when you die you go back to your last save spot. the game is no challenge and i don't really care if i die because there's no penalty if i do. i just respawn and hit'm again until i finish the job. too much of a grind fest. on the ground, the equivalent of this would be if everyone got unconscious there would be "an emergency beam out" back to the ship and you'd have to start back by maybe 1 or 2 respawn points previous.

change the zone difficulties. right now difficulty is based on distance from earth. it needs to be more dynamic. take WoW for example. between stormwind and iron forge you have a huge high level area between two low level areas. you either have to take the train or ride a griffon. for every "faction zone" such as night elves, human, dwarf, orc, blood elf, you name it, there are varying levels of difficulty.

so lets say that near the neutral zone, enemies might be rather low level, but the closer you get to romulus they get tougher and tougher.

open up all planets. most planets can't be entered unless you have a mission there. again, i use WoW as an example... in Goldshire if you don't have a quest you can still go down to Fargodeep Mine and explore it, if you want to. its always there. but if you talk to the marshall and get the quest first, you then can complete the quest at the same time you explore it.

give us bosses with loot drops. set up certain static enemies that respawn at certain times. this coincides with the varying difficulty zones... say around the romulus system there should be a fleet of maybe 10 war birds that are hard to kill and the flagship drops a very rare disruptor bank and other goodies. we're getting too much random stuff. this will allow us to know where to go to get the stuff we need for crafting. it will let the players develop a greater community of guides and fan websites.

fix quest logical errors. i recently did a quest that had me pick up supplies from a federation outpost in romulan space and deliver them to a romulan colony in federation space. this makes no sense. federation interests should be in federation space, and vice versa for all other factions. except for unprotected assets... like the artifact dig at the USS Phlox.

give us places on the ground to visit that are static. i don't care if they are super refined and sexy like the new earth space dock. just make something on the ground and drop a few buildings or something. this should coincide with the open planets idea... every planet should be able to be visited on the ground, any time, anywhere. this opens great opportunities for the new FOUNDRY program they are getting ready to launch. players can then pick a planet, and create a mission there on the surface if they want to. they should be able to expand on the current layout or create a mission that uses the existing static terrain.

and lastly, with this new FOUNDRY program, i see no reason why players shouldn't be able to make their own content like outposts and star-bases. an individual might only be able to establish a check point or a satellite of some type, but fleets should be able to establish larger bases and outposts. either on planet surfaces or in space... and get to design our own interiors. and there should be a real value to these bases. players without a fleet to call home would not get the benefit these bases would provide. they should also be static, like the planets, either in deep space or in orbit around a planet. they should be open to PvP attack, with the winners receiving a hefty bonus for either destroying or repelling the attackers. FLEET commanders should be able to determine the length of time between attacks...24, 48, 72 hours or more up to a certain maximum, based on player support. so in other words, you don't just get to build this nice fancy base and reap rewards have to at some point defend it.

oh yeah forgot another biggie... what's with the rank restrictions on weapons? we were told the game would be SKILL based. ranks are supposed to control what kind of ship you can captain. i see NO reason why by virtue of rank a captain is better with a phasor than an ensign. in fact i would argue that an ensign security officer would be better than a command captain... why? he gets more practice in the holodeck. so give us some extra skill points and skill choices for weapons. just like ship weapons, you can choose to put skill points into them to increase their power. well lets do the same for ground weapons but instead of subdividing it by ranks, make higher tier weapons available once you "fill up all 9 ranks" of a skill block. that way a low level ensign can still use a very rare weapon if he finds it, but his skill is very low with it so that he is powerful for his rank, but is still no match for a captain with even a common weapon.
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02-06-2011, 01:52 PM
whole team wiped? you should have to sit in sickbay for 10 minutes with 1 in every stat and ability until you get treatment.

Ship distroyed? you should have to report to star fleet , explain why and head to whatever starbase they tell you to pick up a newly requisitioned replacement. you should also have to attend the funerals of those of your crew who died in the disaster, Capt always does.

now for reality.

People cry, you have read the forums right? it would never fly, no matter how you implement it.

Every game i play started with fairly strict death penalties and over time the community cried so much they ended up chipping away at the severity of them until they didn't exist anymore. Cryptic knows this and just bypassed the whole system, to save the headaches. I mean seriously , people scream and cry on these forums about not enough hair styles.

In closing , i would just like to say , Yes i support more severe death penalties, but i also know i will never see them in STO. Its too late.

If ya really need a reason to lament your deaths , just play on elite.
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02-06-2011, 02:10 PM
i understand this... but you still don't get to start right where you died in other MMOs... WoW is the graveyard... anarchy online... oh my GOSH... just forget once, that you saved in Greater Teir County by the temple... and then make your way over to the shadow lands, through Elysium, Sheol, and into Adonis, and die before you can get into the Garden... You'll never make that mistake twice.

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