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# 1 Reincarnation
02-07-2011, 02:16 AM
After playing DDO for a while I noticed that the reincarnation system was actualy pretty useful. It ended up spreading out the players more across levels so that at all level ranges you had experienced players that could help new people and it made the game seem a lot more alive instead of people just sitting at the level cap.

I am not sure what the in game explanation would be for reincarnation but I am sure one could be come up with, just have Q do it or something but the idea would be that everytime you reincarnate you get a small bonus from your past life.

You could reincarnate 10 times for each profession and the bonuses would stack up to that point.

Engineers Space +1 power to aux,shields, engines and weapons Ground +1 health regeneration
Science Space +1% shield strength and shield resist Ground +1% shield strength and shield resist
Tactical Space +1% weapon damage -1% weapon cycle rate Ground +1% weapon damage -1% weapon cycle rate

So if you reincarnate 30 times total and did each profession 10 times you would have
+10 to all power levels, +10% shields, +10% shield resist, +10% weapons damage and -10% weapons cycle time

Same idea for ground.

This is just an idea for bonuses but the idea behind the bonuses is that they would be easy to implement in the code. Since they don't give extra skill points that would not effect the calculations on rank. STO already has a passive bonus system so these would just be passive bonuses that you gained each time you reincarnated so it hooks into an existing system very cleanly.

The bonuses need to be small but overall should encourage people to reincarnate. This system would also encourage people to craft rare lower tier items since they would be able to use it each time they went through that level range again.

I wanted to stay away from visual effects since that would just make it harder to program.

Try to keep any ideas inline with these being simple cumulative passive bonuses that way no new powers have to be created and no new animations etc.

The main issue with this should be balance but at least a system like this should take very very minimal time to implement and get live and encourage people to do more playing which should liven up the game.

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