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I wanted to wait to review the Year One celebration until I tried the first of the new Feature Episodes. Now that I've done the mission a couple of times I want to comment on these last couple days.

The new ESD is AWESOME! Inside and out it's a thumbs up! While I never felt anything specifically bad about the old ESD, seeing the space station as featured in the movies really helps to bring about a greater feeling of Star Trek immersion! Internally the new rooms are an improvement, especially the ship yard, of course!

Q's Trivia game was fun. The questions were easy, but entertaining, especially since a failure resulted in getting Polymorphed, which was a hoot! Nice new Accolade, and Yay Horta!

The Party Popper is cool for the celebration, but it's going to get old in the weeks/months to come. Maybe you could add a check box in the options that lets us "mute" the effects (audio, at least) of other players' poppers. The 8hr Skill Boost is worthless for my VA, but good for my Alts. Thanks!

Q's BeQuest Fountain/Tribble pile... It's a blessing and a curse. I like the *idea* of it, and it seemed at first I was getting some cool stuff. I would get each time a three-item mix of tribbles and consumables with some rares and very rares, at the same (or usually higher) mark as my character. That was GREAT! Now all I get are one or two VERY LAME prizes: lots of tribbles and food, and if there are items they are low Marks. I also hate when good items are displayed but garbage ends up in my inventory. It's not really worth the time. Still, the play in the fountain animation is funny.

Feature Episode: The Vault. I enjoyed The Vault. The extra effort that went into making this a "premium" mission was clear, and the payoff was worth it! I'm looking forward to replaying this mission on my Alts.

It was disappointing on Saturday when the game went down. I guess it's good that we have this many people playing, but it's too bad we tripped a wire and took the system down. A couple hours lost game play is a tarnish, but it was good of the Cryptic/Atari team to quickly get everything working again on a weekend.

As for Vault itself, people are going to hate me for saying it, but I'm just not too keen on the whole shuttle thing. I know they're the Hot Item right now, but I'm sorry, I *like* my starship and I'm not really all that interested in playing in a gimped little shuttle. I like the look of the shuttles, the ship artist did a fine job. Maybe when/if we can ever launch from our own ship's interior it might be cooler, but right now going to a base to switch up my load out only to switch everything back later? Nah. I won't mind the occasional shuttle/fighter mission, it is a nice change of pace, I just want it to remain the clear minority.

To me, the number one neat thing about this mission was the VO work. And while T'nae was perfectly nice, Obisek was *AWESOME*. I love his smooth, suave, stay-cool and yet semi-maniacal, sound. Kudos to both the writer and actor.

The Vault itself! Some have compared it to V'ger and I can agree. The size and details were truly impressive! Beautifully rendered!

The class-specific mission options: I love them! Keep that up! The Diplomatic discussion options are cool. And I like the new "spinning" access code mechanic.

T'nae's new office at SB39 was a nice touch, but can we please get Injury facilities there? I know we recently got them added to the Eta Eridani hubs, can we get a medic and engineer at SB39 please?

"Dog fight" style ship combat with shuttles and fighters was interesting. I'm fonder of Tall Ship battles, myself. Also, the Scorpion Fighter Cloak seemed immune to my Runabout's Tractor Beam. They would often disappear despite being hooked in the TB.

I loved the static caused by the nebula. Seeing my display and mini-map get all snowy was very WoK and a wonderful touch. Another Poster commented this would be a great affect for when we get hit by Scramble Sensors, and I would agree!

I thought I remember dstahl saying the new missions would give Emblems to End Cappers, but I didn't get any. I'm a little underwhelmed about getting Fighters. >shrug<

Lastly, I'll say that I am happy that my Power Tray was remembered when I left my shuttle, thank you for that!

Overall thumbs up! Sure, there were some speed bumps, but all-in-all I'd give the Anniversary a B+ Grade, so far, and I can't wait for the rest of Cloaked Intentions.

Happy One Year Anniversary STO! I hope you have many more!!!

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