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I love space combat....they narrowed that down well. Perhaps the only thing that would truly make this game better would be commanding that combat from the bridge. (Salivates).

The problem with ground combat is:
- Its boring
-Its tedious
-The rewards suck
-It is incredibly...mind numbingly repetitive

To solve this, look at other games that successfully use combat, Halo, Fallout, Star Trek Elite Force, etc...there are a few key things that they do that spice things up.

-Rather than have pocket after pocket of the same enemy...replace a pocket with one mini-Boss. Have the last one on the planet be a boss. AND..more importantly, make that boss different and not just another bad guy with a new title and different clothes. A good example would be how on a early Romulan mission you were fighting Romulan after Romulan and then POOF....there were some Remans. That was a good change.

- Two, ground combat needs to be faster paced, nuff said

- Three, the rewards need to be worth bothering to pick up. When all i usually get is "Synthahol" or "Plomeek Soup" or "a tribble"...the experience seems very much like a waste of my life. Give some big rewards for bosses or bigger baddies....something that at least you can resell (like the perk of a impulse engine or deflector dish). Give us grenades, give us a cool weapon, give us a new piece of armor or headpiece that has a special power.

- Fourth, how about some spontaneity. Why not see a wild animal run past occassionally. What about some new fighting STREET TO STREET on Bajor, or under the shadows of Skyscrapers on Romulus or in the middle of a farm. Some new landscapes besides "Oh look...I beamed into the middle of a forest for the 100th time."

Fifth and finally....vehicles. I know others will hate this idea. But that is what better loot like grenades or a phaser bazooka could help with. Maybe a tank here or there, what about a ATV, or a shuttle firing on you as aerial support. What about being able to call down a strafing run by your runabouts?

These are just ideas but Ground needs some help. I think these would really make the game fun. Also, rather than have large hypos...lets make use of bridge crew and have a Chief Medical Office do your healing.

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