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I really like career and even diplomacy-specific options. The Vault might have some of the best takes on it yet.

But, there is one thing I thing can be improved.
So far, I have not really seen an in-game dialog reason why these career-specific options depend on myself and not my Bridge Officers.

The typical way it is done seems to be that the Bridge Officer is explaining the career-specific option. It almost seems I have a "magical" infuence on my BOs to make them be better in their field of expertise by the virtue of my career choice. Maybe there is some logic to it, but I think it would give the player a much bigger feel of immersion and responsibility if the career optional choice would be presented by one of his dialog options.

[Bridge Officer Dialog describing Situation]
If player has the wrong career, add this at the end of the BO dialog:
A [career] officer might have sufficient training and experience in this matter to offer the solution.
If the player has the right career, add the following dialog option:
[Career Officer]: We could do the following [Carrer Specific Option Description]

(From the Vault)
Bridge Officer:
Looks like the Romulans left this satellite as a communictions booster for their short range worker shuttles. Fortunately for us, it is still active. Unfortunately, it's heavily encrypted.
Traffic Analysis shows that the network routes communications through a series of nodes at the stations dorsal peaks. If this was a Starfleet communication system, I might know a way to overextend the system to lose information, but Romulan communication technology has a lot of different safeguards and protocols.
If you're not a Tactical Officer, this text follows.
A Tactical Captain might have the necessary training and experience with Romulan communication protocols to adapt the Bridge Officers idea.
If you are a tactical officer, you get the following dialog option:
I think I know what you want to do. I have studied Romulan protocolsa little closer during Academy. I know how we can flood the system with packet storm that will cause the sensors information to be lost. It will take the system some time to adapt and we can use that to slip through the sensor grid.

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