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Seeing as i have been aggressively against the C-store i figured i'd try to provide some feedback on stuff i would want to be willing to pay for.

And part from the usual "extras" like XP boosts and respecs, namechanges etc i'd very much like to see "adventure packs" similar to what we have in Champions Online.

Now one could argue that we have that in the form of weekly episodes.

Well, yes and no. The episodes are for the most part pretty fun but they are so very very short, usually not taking more then half an hour to complete, and then its back to wait another week for another half an hour mission. A long adventure back or 5 would give us something to do while waiting, maybe even add a faction to fight for with added vendors that sell half useful half fluff items.

So what i'd like to see is properly long missions that takes a few hours to complete with a mix of space and ground combat, like the serpent's lantern adventure pack in CO (obviously has no space combat but you get the point i'm sure). That one takes roughly 3 - 4 hours to complete solo in one sitting.

So i figured i'd try to create a thread where we post stuff we could be willing to pay for, but please try to avoid mentioning stuff already on it other then as examples. Because if it's already on the C-store, you mentioning it wouldn't add anything

Now i'm well aware of the upcoming foundry and the content we will get from that, but we can only produce stuff WITH stuff already in the game, the devs can create something truly new .

And again KEEP IT CIVIL! There is enough whine threads going on for you to post in if whining or complaining is all you will do. So lets see if we can provide a thread the devs actually want to keep reading.

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