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Hello Everybody,

As a requirement for work towards my Masters degree, I am completing my Thesis looking at the relationship between playing MMORPGs and social skills. As fellow gamers, I would appreciate your input and help in completing this project. Please feel free to let others know if they are interested in participating. I am interested in individuals who play MMORPGs. Thanks.

Title: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games: Relationship Between Time Spent Playing and Quality of Social Skills

Experimenters: Brandon Fell & Dr. Michael McGuire

Length of Experiment: 10-15 minutes

Special Instructions:

This research project will be conducted entirely online. If interested in participating, please send an email to You should receive an reply within 12 hours with further instructions, a specific link to the survey, and the survey password. The survey is coming through so be sure to check in your spam file if you feel like you have not received a reply in time. After clicking on the link you will enter the password given, please continue to fill out the demographics questionnaire and the following survey. Once finished close the browser. Thanks for your participation.

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