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# 11
02-09-2011, 02:32 PM
Saving my Goth Angel of Death one for later..

Wheres that Quantum of Solliance as it rains and one does not reach 3000 at solitaire?
Is it with the cat on the lap bumping the arm as i try to type.. ur with sylvia plath.
its the trip to the grocer and forgetting the coffee
is it the way you smile
many nights go by.
what can i do,,

is it the view of new barn kittens that begins ones day
or the broken reading glass bow..
some things are left to unknown..

in Lord Tennyson or Byron.. or maybe Shelby..
shakespeare sonnet...?
Ney robbie Burns
where your tamishater falls in your highness
and cromwell wants your kin to relocated to NI
for loyalties to Stewarts House..
I blame it on Duke William
where Normandee was no good enough..
Put the pinch on vassall housed to gather the levies
and marche
Grand Armee Du Nord.. would be proud.
We're at them
Englataria bound.
Ode to things you do when your internets down....
held bastage to the caprices of the wind...
Lt. Commander
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# 12
02-10-2011, 03:00 AM
His eyes black, his nose cold
face green with trivial delight
his query approaches from a forth night

Lashing teeth in anticipation
he can't get over his constapation (sorry couldnt resist)
Lightyears out he holds it in
waiting for his officers notice

Then alas.....its his turn
beam me down, beam me down
Ive got one at the crown
forever pushing the limits on his inner strenth

Gotta go, where to find....
searching in anticipation.......
Alas He has found thee

Race to the door, in like a shutter
the door is locked, deposit 5 bars of GPL?
rage ensues.... as the ferengi makes his dues....

The preasure is great, he just cant wait........
Out comes the phaser....melts the door in anger
then....relief........only to discover.....
ten minutes later.........

That the Ferengi also charges for paper..........
Lt. Commander
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# 13 A side note
02-10-2011, 03:12 AM
Poetry may be for sapps...but did you know that those who create poetry do so by activating all areas of the brain simultaneously...rather than regular grammer which only accesses a few select points.

That and Humor was first utilized by a poet in was sarcasm........since then those two qualities have evolved to what we see today...all because a poet created a poem with snide remarks as a jab to the local gov.......trying to remember his name........

AH good lord now I have to think..........maybe I should put it in the form of a poem.....

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