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# 1 Interactive book/episode
02-10-2011, 05:09 AM
Hey guys, currently the trend is that everyone plays through missions in general as themself and as their crew.

But I was thinking that more creativity, better story telling, more immerse story telling could be achieved, if the writer wrote within the context that he was writing a short story, or an episode. And that the protagonists, their personalities and etc, are all dictated by the writer of the mission/episode/short story. Meaning they are characters in my story, whom you the player "play as".

Currently you cannot take certain liberties with dialogue. I've gone into this elsewhere, and I believe as noted by feedback I struck a perfect balance between delivering the content of the mission and not injecting too much personality in your BO or your speech.

But I am wondering if there is a breed of player out there who would accept, the fact that they are playing the role of the 'hero' in the story, and not necessarily the captain or crew they created in STO. It would allow as I saw for far more immersion and basically be you taking part in the short story, directing the "hero's actions".

Of course these episodes in their description would need to be marked specially as such, to avoid the peons who rant/comment, "this is not how my BO is, he doesn't talk like that" etc etc.

I think that people here could write more interesting episodes if done using this method, and I for one would love to "play the protagonist" in their episode and not necessarily nitpick that oh it is my captain and crew and this is all wrong.

It could even go so far as that, once you've created enough likable and memorable episodes, the characters become people that your 'readers' or 'watchers' want to hear from again and they are interested in their fate.

Not all episodes have to be like this of course, but some could.

what you guys think? If you understand me correctly.

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