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# 1 Foundry - Holodeck
02-10-2011, 04:20 AM
Would it not make sense, that the Foundry be accessible through your ship's holodeck? It would add more reasons to visit your ship and walk around, as well as explain away any poor content people make.

It's open up an entirely new "class" where people are self proclaimed holo-novel authors!
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# 2
02-10-2011, 04:31 AM
true, very true. however a holodeck has not been planted on any ships bridge yet (although personally i wont use it even when it is there unless you can go there for some special missions or something)

plus, i think the foundry missions should be on real space rather than holodeck
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# 3
02-10-2011, 05:49 AM
At the moment, the main mechanic behind the Foundry is mission creation, and as such is linked using the sector map as the 'doors' into them. Now I can totally see a subclass of mission being created that a user would be able to flag as 'Holodeck' in their mission creation. This would most likely need to be a separate searchable database, which I would say best initially accessed with the Captain's ready room terminal. There you can select the 'program' you want, and travel down to your holodeck. With a few enviroment filters and probably a host of other additions (the things I will ask of the poor art team, I pity them really) this could easily allow for the creation of new Dixon Hill stories, Captain Proton episodes, unique 'calisthenics' programs or any number of things that I am not even contemplating right now(but likely not Vulcan Love Slave 5). I would also say that occasionally you shouldn't be able to access the holodeck, because a program is already active or such, but I would say to make this chance low.
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# 4
02-10-2011, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by momiji View Post
Would it not make sense, that the Foundry be accessible through your ship's holodeck?
I thank Cryptic for not forcing and shoehorning the Foundry as a Holodeck-only experience. It shows foresight and true confidence in the community to tell us that Cryptic actually wants our missions and stories to fill an integral part of STO just as their missions do.

It broke my heart, figuratively speaking, when Paragon Studios chose to wrap their entire UGC system as a virtual system instead of making it feel like an actual living and breathing component in City of Heroes / Villains. Naturally, people have found ways around the whole virtual thing in CoH/V by writing their stories so that the initial contact for the mission proclaims to have broken through the virtual protocols and to actually exist in the CoH/V gameworld. Thanks Cryptic from saving us from needing to use such a crutch.

Now, if you're actually supporting including a functioning Holodeck room, in our ships, that we as Foundry-authors could use in our missions, but are not restricted and confined to, sure... that I support wholeheartedly!
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# 5
02-10-2011, 12:10 PM
i like the fact its not just a holodeck. makes kit more credible.

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