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02-10-2011, 06:15 PM
Okay, finished reading it, and I'm really glad dstahl chose 51 questions this time, instead of the usual 31. A lot of good things in this one (as per usual of late). Plus, the picture is pretty cool, heh.

I'm glad that the crew uniforms are still on the list of things to come, and I can understand it if it doesn't make it in into Season 5. Tying in the ship interior customization into the Foundry is a good idea, and I hope that you make it have it's own little section or part of the tools (with the possibility of setting the options, like we do with our captain, officer, and ship costumes.)

I'm looking forward to the Gorn options (I really like what you guys did with the Orions), and I hope Nausicaans and Letheans will get the costume love as well.

Interesting about the Enterprise-C and the Ambassador class; looking forward to it.

Less loading screens are always a good thing. Any chance the animated Turbolift one from the beta could make it's way back into the game?

I hope the currency simplification does make it into Season 4. A scaling system for all the badges would be excellent, in my opinion.

Anything added to the Captain's Table would be welcome. As it is, there really isn't a reason to go to it (other than the eye candy), when ESD has more options, and the Table requires another zone transfer.

I hope someone does make that V'Ger episode for you!

The officer requisition "exchange" sounds interesting, and it sounds like the idea the team had during the beta.

While I'm glad that you guys are wanting to bring the Klingon faction up to par before making a Romulan faction, I hope that they will get their own faction, and not split into two, like you proffered. I guess we'll see more about where they stand after this series is complete, but I'm still holding out for their own faction.

I like the idea of separating ground and space skill points, so we don't have to pick one or the other. However, although the restricting to your character's class up until Admiral level sounds good, I would rather not be restricted in that way. (I really only fly Science Vessels, and I would like the choice to be able to fly them, regardless of their career.)

A Klingon tutorial (and allowing players to start right off the bat as a Klingon) is an outstanding idea, along with the Qo'noS revamp. Also, new Klingon episodes is an awesome idea.

CaptainLogan made the exterior model for The Vault? Mad props to him! I flew around it for a couple minutes the first time I ran the mission, just gawking at the awesomeness of it!

I'm glad more animals are making it into ground maps. Q might have spoiled the surprise, but at least we know that some really good looking critters are coming!

Lirpas, Ushaan-tors, and PvP arenas on Vulcan and Andoria? Oh, hellz yeah, bring it on!

I, too, think being able to salvage/deconstruction items is a much better idea than replicating them into credits. When I played Eve, my R&D learned her skills to recycle everything with no waste, and I would love to see something similar in STO.

While I want a Holodeck and Botanical Garden added to my ships' interior, I can't wait until Shuttlebays are added. Any further info you can give us on them (such as when you think they'll make it into the game, how they'll work, etc)?

I'm glad Thomas is working on more mini-games, especially exploration ones. Is the one you guys had planned for the ship's lab still in the works as well?

A crafting station in my ship would effin' rock! I'd still probably expect to visit Memory Alpha for certain things (maybe some of the higher end stuff, the Aegis set, etc), but it would be great if we didn't have to go to MA to do all the crafting.

As I already posted, thanks for answering my question about Ushaan! I look forward to when we can finally use Andoria for one-on-one duels.

Tholians are slated to be the baddies for Series 5 or 6! w00t! I was hoping they'd be the enemy for Series 4 (after series 1, we seem to be going in progression around the different zones: Devidians were in Klingon space, Romulans/Remans in Romulan space, and I was hoping Tholians in Cardassian space, since their territory, according to some Trek star maps, seem to be out in that direction), but I can wait until you guys are done making them epic!

All in all, a lot of great answers, and I look forward to it all. However, you failed to answer the most important question of all:

When will we get our Porthos pets?!

Thanks again for this Ask Cryptic, and I look forward to the next one (as well as the next Engineering Report)!


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