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Okay so yesterday dstahl posted some interesting tidbits about the Romulan faction. Now of course things can change but I really do think they warrant further examination.

Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
If the Romulan faction joins the game - you will start in your own area - and have your own storyline, etc...

It could very well be that some Romulans might be sympathetic (con neutral) to Feds while some could be sympathetic (con neutral) to KDF. Perhaps not ALL Romulans will have the same agenda.
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
I'm suggesting that the Romulan Faction may have to at some point decide who they want to side with if they want to survive, much like they had to do in the dominion war. Maybe not all Romulans will make the same decision. Who's running the show anyway? Sela? Obisek? Hakeev? I bet you ask 10 romulans and you'd get a different answer each time.

And I haven't even started to talk about the Hirogen... who's controlling them?
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
If the Romulan Empire collapses into a civil war, then I would not be surprised to see missions where Feds + Roms are fighting against KLG + Roms.

Or maybe even more specific than that...

Maybe it is Remans+Feds vs. Rom+Kdf+Hirogen

you can see - there are a lot of ways we can go with it... nothing is for certain... except that we want to focus back on the conflict between the Federation and KDF and adding a Romulan faction will play into that somehow...

well at least until the Iconians arrive to destroy everyone
Now keeping all of this in mind I would like to bring to light a couple of points that makes all of this make sense. What dstahl is putting out there is that right now in the design phase one of the ideas they have for implementing the Romulans is to have them branch off at some point in their career to either help the Federation or the Klingons.

This is why this would be a SMART thing to do.
  • The Romulan Star Empire are a divided people right now.
  • Following the destruction of Romulus many neutral zone bordering planets have been trying to leave the Empire to join the Federation (there are a few missions in game that cover this).
  • Cryptic has a small team that works on the game.
  • Potentially only a small fraction of players would actually play said new faction instead of the Federation so in turn, building a huge faction would be an extreme waste of resources when the devs could be adding more content for the Fed players that want to see the story progress. This is of course amidst all the other stuff that us players want on the Fed side of things.
  • They are currently trying to improve the Klingons but not a whole lot has changed for them in 1 year (no i'm not complaining.. I know the Cryptic guys are working hard on them too).
  • Making a faction on its own requires alot of work (perhaps 1 to 2 years worth if you want to make it better than what the Klingons turned out to be).
  • Time constraints. Players want the Romulans now and dstahl is hinting at them potentially being available by the end of the year. The Klingons are nowhere near or up to par to the Federaiton side either.
  • Resources. I'm not sure Cryptic has the manpower to manage 3 or 4 fully fleshed out factions. It would also potentially be a mess in PVP.

I can really see why they would want to head in this direction. I think they would get the most bang for their buck from it.. from a lore standpoint it makes sense as well at least up to this point as outlined in the game right now. The Romulans are no longer really a major power in the quadrant because they have too much internal garbage to deal with. That's not to say they can't still cause alot of damage to the Feds or Klingons.. they can.. but as a power in the quadrant they are nowhere near what they used to be before the destruction of Romulus.

It may not be what the majority of the people want out of the Romulans, but it makes sense for what has happened to them, and what Cryptic would be able to deliver in the shortest amount of time.

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