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I propose the following.

Take the current skill list and break them into 3 parts

Space Skills

Ground Skills

Captain Skills

Space and ground are fairly self-explanatory, what I mean by Captain skills are all the ones for ship piloting like Cruiser, Science Vessel, etc. You don't even need to change anything besides where the tac skills like attack vectors are located.

The reason for pulling ground out on its own is so that we can have points specifically to spend on ground without worrying that by doing so we are gimping ourselves in space. I'm not sure how big a share of the skill points should go here, that's another debate entirely.

The reason I want command skills separated is so that we can be given a lot more of them, allowing us to be able to pilot more than one ship at a time with no worries that someone will spend the points elsewhere and make themselves stronger. The share of skill points as we level should simply be enough to max out 1 command path from the current method.

This could be a great way of still gaining skill points after level cap. Instead of it all being converted into Bof skill points we get them for command skills only. Sure, that eventually means a long time VA can fly any ship s/he wants, but again, that doesn't upset balance any because s/he only flies one at a time.

Or, maybe don't even divide the skill points up, just have a set minimum spent for each portion in order to rank up.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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02-11-2011, 04:41 PM
I would also like to see some type of revamp of the skill system. If only skills could be made to dynamically level with usage and not just by allocating points. Or as above, points usable for ground use by doing ground missions and vice-verse.
The accolade system already keeps track of many things such as damage types and how often certain things are performed - could that also not be used to increase skill level?

just one example would be if weapons had a skill based usage of 1-100. the more i used phasers the better it gets till its maxed at 100, then if i were to switch to a different weapon type "disrupters" for example, my disruptors would increase in skill as my phaser abillity decreases. That would allow for my character to conform to my play-style and not the other way around. Doing that would also have the added benifit of allowing Hybrid characters. characters that have say some skill as a tec but also some science skill or eng skill.

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