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02-12-2011, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by spartan844
The Flood have a hive mind, too. The Gravemind.

The Forerunner's most powerful weapon, the Halo array, couldn't have wiped out the Flood. Only their food.

Also, the Flood can use technology, and in theroy would be able to take over entire Tyranid ships.

And if those ships are sentient....

It would lead to a quick transition to an Interstellar-class Flood, which is BIG trouble. Interstellar-class Flood can quickly infect entire galaxies, and quickly spread to others.

Hence the name, the Flood.
Ahh, ok. Didn't know the Flood had a hive mind of their own. Probably because I lost total interest in the franchise after Halo 2.

Still. The Tyranid hive mind is still bigger/smarter (there's been reports before of Tyranids adapting within hours to completely overrun otherwise impenetrable defenses. And the whole "has absorbed the entire collected wisdom of at least one full galaxy" bit, too.

Originally Posted by President_Shinzon View Post
The Zerg are distinctively different enough. I say the Zerg. Who, ironically enough to the OP in fact were led by a red-headed step child.
BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!one!!!

Sorry. The Zerg are barely larger than a Tyranid splinter fleet. And the full hive fleets are made up of thousands of splinter fleets. And the whole Tyranid race has at least a dozen hive fleets. Seriously, there is nothing the Zerg have that the Tyranids can't do a billion times more of, or a billion times more effectively.

Originally Posted by Ravenstein View Post
This. Much like everything else in Blizzard's -craft series, the Zerg are a blatant and vastly inferior rip-off of Games Workshop's lines.
Fixed it for you.

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