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02-14-2011, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by shikamaru317 View Post
What I don't like is that they have a unique item that is exclusive to a certain group of players. I think items should have multiple, equal effort/time ways to obtain them. Why make lone wolfs do group group content that they hate to get the best piece of equipment in the game.
  • The Borg Engines are not exclusive to any one group of players. Everyone is able to obtain them. All it takes is time, patience and teamwork.
  • The Borg Engines are really not all that great. I would argue that the Aegis set is far better than the Borg set overall.
  • If you want the Borg Gear, do what is required to get it.
  • There are numerous fleets out there who have these STFs on daily farm. Find one that suits you and get your gear.

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