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Hi guys!

As we all know, the difficulty of the Weekly Missions are set at various levels, dependent upon the rank of the player who attempts them.

I recently played the second weekly series (The Devidian mission arc) for the first time, using my Lieutenant10, Lieutenant Commander 5, and Commander 1 toons.

My Lieutenant 10, and Lieutenant Commander 5 characters completed the missions relatively easily, but my Commander 1 character is REALLY struggling with his 'Commander level' mission difficulty!

As my Lieutenant 10 character has now ranked-up to Lieutenant Commander 1, I decided to replay the same missions to see how he would now cope with them at the higher rank.

Alas, just like my Commander 1 toon, the mission difficulty had increased to such a degree that my new Lieutenant Commander 1 is now woefully inadequate to the mission tasks!

Has anyone been able to ascertain the difficulty threshold for each rank for the Weeklies? I'm assuming level 5-10 for each rank is the optimum for a trouble-free mission completion, and that level 1-4 is just NOT up to the challenge!

What has been your experience with regard to this? Does anyone know how the Weekly ranking difficulty actually implements itself?


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