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I am a long time MMO-er but am new to STO. As such I am looking to join a fleet.

The fleet that I'm looking for will have either a Ventrilo or Teamspeak server and will greatly encourage singing in the voice chat. The fleet should be focused on using our singing talent to win Regionals and, at the very least, place in the top three at Nationals (in New York this year). Additionally, I would be remiss to mention that I do not prefer to do covers but would rather sing original songs.

During my time in WoW I led my guild, the Ctrl Alt Elites, to a Regionals win and a top five finish at Nationals. During a short stint playing Star Wars Galaxies I led my guild (of the same name) to a Regionals win, although we did not place at Nationals as two of our members were unable to make it and thus we were disqualified.

If your fleet is strongly interested in a new member with a strong tenor and the ability to pull off solos masterfully I would be more than happy to audition for you. I have, in the past 4 months, begun writing my own songs and I'm sure with my talents your fleet would be able to meet their goals.

I look forward to all of you who choose to contact me and may we all break a leg.


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