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02-16-2011, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by P.R.O.P.H.E.T.
Nice work, indeed! I can only hope and dream for the time to use the Foundry tools in such a creative fashion, so I live vicariously through you, lol! It is good to see some of the things that you can do with the tools (I wondered how you had that person chained up! I thought you had photophopped the arms into a different position or something). Will you be able to use the things you set up for this issue in the future or will you have to re-build them each time you want to use them?

Looking forward to future issues!
Finding the art assets in the Foundry is easy, as is crafting custom NPCs, as are the numerous extra unlocks in NPC behaviours.

To do the chain technique, I had to:
  • reskin a character in a mob to Ens. Garwaht
  • move the rest of the mob's spawns off screen
  • position her just right as to face the Klingon Captain and remain in the camera shot.
  • adjust mob behaviors to have a lengthy chained animation as their idle animation

Before, I used to create an alternate character then go to a similar map in-game so I could take two screenshots then blend them in photoshop (You can see this in distorted perspectives in some of the multi-character panels in the first four comics).

Right now, I'm working on Issue #6 that takes place on Risa. However, I'm not a fan of cryptic's Risa. I've added a custom sky backdrop with purple-pink-orange sky and a sun seemingly setting 360 degrees around the player - with buildings that look warp-era, instead of pre-warp too.
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02-18-2011, 06:11 AM
Very cool stuff. I had to create a whole bunch of alts to do my comics as well. I wish we had a log catcher for this game so that when we RP with someone we can keep a copy of the dialogue to make into a story. Sure would be nice.

I'm looking forward to the Foundry tools and to the TOS era ship interiors. My Saladin stories could really use the TOS interior sets, at least some of them. The way I wrote my stories was that the ship had undergone an upgrade that was still pre-TMP, more like Phase 2 was supposed to be, but the stardrive section of the original Enterprise had been grafted to the Saladin's primary hull. Had to do that since I couldn't make a classic Destroyer class.

I'm looking forward to using the Foundry. I'd try it on Tribble, but I'm busy making a 3d rendered movie about the Saladin's adventures. This is entirely done with 3d models that can be customized and lipsync'ed and on TOS era sets and using the classic Destroyer. It's a major undertaking done sort of like the Star Trek: "Aurora" 3d animated films. It's called Starship Saladin: "Invasion" and is set during the classic TOS episode "Errand of Mercy." Saladin and the Enterprise team up against some Klingons while Kirk and Spock are on Organia. Scheduled to be completed this spring hopefully.


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