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# 1 The Cure SOS! Now Hiring!
02-19-2011, 07:49 PM
Okay guys as we all know most Stf's require just as much teamwork if not more than pvp. I want that deflector array as well as the ability to do Khitomer Accord. I am so desperate to finish this after 50 tries at least. Getting on a pug Cure Team is the ultimate LOL in STO.

That's why I WANT YOU! I will hire youto help me get this mission done. If you are an experienced stf player and have completed the Cure please respond in this thread. Requirements are all 4 of my teammates MUST have completed the cure at least once.

The pay is 5 MILLION Energy credits per player. To be paid upon the completion of the mission. If the mission is not completed however you get nothing. So being honest about your experience is a must. I will not drag the team down however so a little about me below.

1. Very experienced with infected have completed that about 30 times roughly mostly in under an hour.
2. I am a science officer that has all 6 Purple Mark 10 science kits so whatever you need me to do I can and will do.
3. I have been playing since June of last year so I know the game pretty much in and out.
4. My escort is built for space pvp as that is about all I ever do anymore. I don't have any specs into ground but if this turns out to be a go let me know what you need from me and I will max out all my ground skills with a respec. I can always respec back afterwards. Either way this science captain is actually going to become a ground based pvp toon as soon as my Tactical escort captain is a VA anyway so the respec won't be a big deal.
5. Since all my teammates I hire will be able to complete this mission I will be all ears on the strategy and where to be placed.
6. I don't have a mic but can get on team speak if need to listen to you as I do have speakers.
7. I have been to the 3rd main last set of transformers twice but that is as far as have gotten.

Before you say find a fleet that has done the Cure. I have tried that 4 times with different fleets. All have said they have a cure crew that has done and alas can barely get past 1st set of transformers. Upon completion of The Cure I will consider hiring you for a Terradome team but the pay will not be as high since it does not unlock anything important to me.

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