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# 1 In Search Of Casual Fleet
02-20-2011, 10:01 AM
I have been with STO since launch, Lifetime subscriber. I bought in hoping for greatness. I have even spoke with folks about STO when I went to the convention in Vegas years ago (Still have my STO shirts). At launch this game was terrible, a shell of what it was promised, and what Trek could be. In recent weeks I've rekindled my care for the game and it has come a LONG way since launch.

I'm a computer nerd @ a Small Residential College in Iowa. My job requres odd hours of work often. I have a new house that is a blessing and a nightmare, and a 2 year old Son that takes after his father and believes you can sleep when you're dead. I'm looking for a Fleet, mostly for PvE, that accepts casual players who may not show for longs periods of time because RL happens (a LOT in my case).

I'm a mature player, 28 years of age, well educated, freindly, and willing to help for love of the game not for want of loot or progression.

Now that I've jumped back into the game I mostly solo these days but would be happy to group or help with Fleet events when I can. As a lifetime fan of Star Trek (as a young child in rural WI with only an antenna, my sole entertainment at night was Star Trek on KCRG after 10PM) I would be happy to Role Play.

I'm not normally a voice chat person but I have a decent headset should the need arise.

Just looking for freindly, mature, possibly family oriented (My hope is my son will love Trek as I do) people to play with.

I am not lookign for Fleets with strict requriements on play. I'm a lifelong gamer, and RL comes first always. Sometimes I don't get down here for days or weeks at a time. I simply cant associate a high value on games over my home and family even as I have a lifelong love of games and trek. Also not looking for manditory voice chat, though as I said happy to plug in my headset if need be (but I tend to throw something on Netflix on my laptop while I'm playing STO)

You can check my join date if ye doubt me (Join Date: 08-09-2008)

Thanks for reading this post and please PM me here, or send me something in game. I am willing to meet with you in game to learn more about your fleet and to discuss the opportunity of joining.


-Rakden Thanglot-

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