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I accidentally clicked the V-sync box instead of half-res.

Program promptly crashed took the whole system with it.

Now... I can't get STO to load at all even in "safe mode."

When I load normally I get sever graphical corruption and my video driver resets.

When I load in safe mode I get to the Loading screen. The bar fills we switch from ATARI to CRYPTIC to the FED symbol then the screen turns blue and the system hangs.

So. Short of a reinstall how do I fix this?

Cryptic take note... you should have a list of command-line overrides handy for situations like this!

EDIT: Post reinstall I get the past the "atari" loading screen program hangs at black screen.
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02-20-2011, 10:57 PM

And just like that the program is working again. I have done NOTHING on my end.

So what the heck was it? Someone at Cryptic flip the switch for me?

Seriously that was baffling. I'm still looking for support on this one as I want to avoid a repeat if possible.

Original slightly-drunk angry-rant below:

So after reinstalling the game the problem persists. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You are ****ing kidding me right?

The program is broken to the point where even a reinstall won't fix it?

I just spent TWO ******N HOURS waiting for the program to patch and it is STILL broken

EDIT: I have now reinstalled my graphics driver. STILL no change. Graphical corruption of the screen and hang on loading. Deleted the perfs file. NO change. Fail to see how this persists after a complete reinstall!

EDIT: Now I am being told that "there may be hardware damage?" That is totally unacceptable as this is an on-motherboard graphics package.

Somebody from tech support had better devise a solution otherwise we're talking MAJOR ATTITUTE change because I cannot afford to replace computer components on my budget... especially not after investing so much into this game.

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