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02-22-2011, 08:25 AM
I had a full sony account, I played EQ and all the others sony had on offer, I was even on the development team for PotBs, I've had an active eve account since 1993 on which I run a huge corporation.

The first computer game I ever got into was Elite on the spectrum (yes I'm old), I never ever got Elite rank on that. (deadly I think)

I've even had a paid job as a games reviewer/tester for a local (and global) games developer, I've taught IT at college and freelancer for companies like LearDirect teaching.

This is what I think is wrong with STO. (and yes I have been here since the start, before infact, just not continously)

1, The community.
In game and here in the forum, the community isnt friendly or even helpful (not all members but most, this makes the game and community a hostile and unfriendly enviroment to be a part of, proof is a sticky thread about real world threats happening because of this 'game' (I would almost say in game and on these forums there is what seems to be a class divide, I think this is down to how the fourm is being moderated too) I think if this continues cryptic will eventually have a 'very small', but hardcore group of players, maybe 100 or so rather than 10,000's (maybe this is already happening hence the cash cow that is C-Store)

2, The inbalance between vet players and new players (and those in between)
This ties in with the community in my opinion. You need a group to pvp, you need to pvp to get borg weapons, you need a group to do task force missions where you need these borg weapons most, people just don't pvp or group enough to make this work in my eyes (i've never seen more than 10 people waiting for pvp, if i join every pvp game available, I'll still be waiting upto an hour to start), and on the odd occasion you get a half decent looking group together, the task force missions are so hard, so long and so open to someone griefying the mission hours into it, that it kills motivation and enjoyment.

3, Ground combat.
This is glitchy at best, weapons don't fire sometimes yet the cool down starts, skills are way out of balance, (I can call in an orbital strike, I thought my tier 5 cruiser had mk X weapons) but this strike does less damage than a mk II stun pistol, but the enemy can kill my level 50 phaser turret in 3 hits, using only their hands or feet!!!
Missions you HAVE to complete with a team are to open, in drop in groups, to griefers intent on making you fight for hours to get to the last part then purposely failing the mission. (and yes I've grouped with lifertime subscribers that seem to like to do this do this)

4, Space Combat.
I'm in space yet I can't go straight up or down, I cant do a loop the loop like I can in my flight simulator games, I don't and never will understand this, it doesnt seem realistic at all, talking of unrealistic, 5 player controlled ships having to kill a tactially cube, 3 or 4 normal cubes, 2 dozen or more borg spheres and swams of probe borg ships and having to kill them all before they slip through a gate no more than 20 secs flight time from where they spawn is nothing sort of a disaster of a mission.

5, The economy.
What economy?
Way to many types of currency, I dont want to have to 'group' with anyone to get 1 type of currency or pay through the nose at super inflated prices for the same item with another type. (If I was selling elite items at super silly prices, I wouldn't help others get the same items either, I'm not sure I would join their group and actively make them fail though, if thats what some are doing)

One thing I will say for Cryptic that I like about STO and hopefully always will is that its an easy game to play, it doesnt take years to max your character, I flipped instances on release because there wasn't enough of anything to do, I managed to max a character in a week, I've followed all the new content this time, I haven't even done alot of the missions I've picked up and I've nearly maxed out a federation engineer.

With almost every other MMO I have played the whole feel of the game has been geared around making me pay a subscription for years to get a decent character, I consider this cheap and nasty (with eve I can play the game and get free subscription time for it) STO doesnt feel like this and for that I thank Cryptic heartily.

Crpyic, I have seen alot of changes in game, most for the better I'm pleased to say, but alot of old bugs some of which I've reported over a year ago are still there.
Lt. Commander
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Posts: 120
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02-22-2011, 08:45 AM
EQ was terrible and thats why it got trounced by wow. Everything in that game required you to practically destroy yourself to accomplish. I, for one, am glad new gen mmo's have largely abandoned those design paradigms and the ones that didn't (sup Vanguard) are largely vacant.

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