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I think instead of just picking the race and type of officer from a list, they should create a Starfleet Academy map on earth that you can beam down to, walk around, find a candidate, talk to them, and choose who you want as a bridge officer. That would add more of a “realistic” feel to it. Instead of just pulling one outta thin air, you could find who you want and recruit them to your crew. Let me know your thoughts
Lt. Commander
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02-23-2011, 09:53 AM
I'd not only favor this, I'd favor the idea of giving us, say, weekly "guest lectures" at the academy.

In doing this, we maybe go through the character creator and imagine the type of officer we want to inspire, including traits.

Then, later, we get a bridge officer sent to us who may or may not PERFECTLY match the traits we were looking for but is clearly the type of officer we were trying to inspire.

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