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  • Federation players may now craft Vulcan Lirpa melee weapons at Memory Alpha.
  • Fix the timer on the ground tray to go away when it's done counting down.
  • Boff passive powers now correctly display in the status screen instead of click powers.
  • Fix for power icons showing up as squares or stars.
  • Fixed the occlusion issues in the cave on Risa.
  • Added appropriate ambient audio to Starbase 39.
  • Disabled the Entity Context Menu 'Info' button in the social UI for players that are not on your map.

  • The following items have been made unique:
    • Pattern Enhancer
    • Crm 200
  • The Scimitar is now allowed to claok while tractor beamed.
  • Added a 15 second Global Cooldown to the Transphasic Clustor Torpedo.
  • Added a 30 second Global Cooldown to the Subspace Field Modulator.
  • The reward tables for Devidian Episodes 4 and 5 have been be updated to use tiered rewards instead of level-less rewards.
  • Cannon: Scatter Volley
    • Ability was incorrectly draining weapon power per target ship within the cone AoE, rather than a one-time drain per pulse.
    • This would cause severe drain when firing at multiple ships, which was not intended. This has now been fixed to only drain per pulse, regardless of the number of ship targets.

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