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During STF's since one of the last patches, I've noticed shifts in the maps during STF play. It only seems to happen during STF and everyone in the team can see it happen. For example we were playing Khitomer Accord and the large rings on the left and right shifted outside of the green shielding.

On ground missions, walls, crates, and other solid objects across the whole map shifted an equal distance in the same direction. Some paths and halls appeared to be blocked, however the actual area had not been changed. We were able to walk through the objects as if they were not there or were still in their original location. This has happened on Infected and on Khitomer Accord several times.

This usually happens during combat, so I'm not sure if it's a certain skill that's causing it, but again, I'm sure it's not a problem with my graphics card, because all 5 team members are on teamspeak saying they seen it too.

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