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In B'tran mission earlier. Difficulty Advanced. Mission to kill Strekkians on station. Strekkian Commander repeatedly one shotted my entire crew including myself. Checked combat log..He was doing over 1100 damage to Each of my crew members and me with one shot. All it said was Strekkian Commander did 1100 damage with his energy blast to ....(fill in crew members).

Now I realize that ground combat is getting revamped, so I surely hope there gonna take a look at the damage multipliers they've given some npc's. Because I have never seen a weapon in game that deals over 5k damage with one shot! If there is could someone tell me where to buy it?
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02-24-2011, 06:32 AM
Those guys, and some others, use the 'dual pistols' I believe. For some reasons when enemy NPCs get ahold of that weapon their damage output is massive. (my guys use dual pistols and dont do much damage per hit)

The same issue happens with certain Klingons like swordmasters.
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02-24-2011, 08:20 AM
All rapid bolt weapons and compression pistols do that actually. The problem is the linear damage scaling based on your level rather than actual progression players get. You would be able to replicate this to an extend if the NPCs had the same health and shields levels as you but unfortunately those scale way off as well. This is why at lower levels this is a non issues but on RA onwards is very pronounced.
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02-25-2011, 03:15 AM
I normally play on advanced and occasionally Elite.

Actually in my experience the only dual-pistol and/ or bolt weapons thing is outright false, I've seen plenty of mobs using beam weapons that can pull out the same numbers. It's just that most mobs in the game use bolt weapons so people don't see that the same is happening with the beam weapons. The thing I think the problem is, is mob rank and stat problems.

Normally from my observations the higher the rank the mob the worse their damage is. Like ensign are usually pushovers, LT's are dangerous, Commanders are Lethal, and Captains are OMG Overpowered.

Also I think stats play a role in the borked damage as well. Like before the changes to romulans for the feature episodes they were absolute pushovers, A bit tanky but not really much of a threat, whereas gorn on the other hand can deal very high lvls of damage with their beam weapons on par with bolt weapons. Another example is I can run into two alien races, one deals moderate to poor melee damage yet another can deal huge melee damage almost on par with the overpowered swordmaster mobs.

Another problem is the mob ability scaling where their abilities preform well beyond rational lvls. Borg drones are a good example. A normal difficulty drone infection is normally not very deadly and your have to get a couple stacked on you to kill you in any expedient fashion. Advanced infection will probaly kill you a few seconds after the hold if you recieve no healing. And Elite infection will kill you in mere seconds unless you receive massive healing for most the duration of the ability.

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