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02-25-2011, 07:03 PM
Over all the C-store DOES seem to be short changing us in quite a few ways lately. Small examples include having to buy items that have no counterpart for either opposite faction or even opposite sex, Ships that are 1200 AT points or $25 that don't work on or give counter part to the other faction. I honestly feel that the Dreadnaught should unlock the destroyer or vice versa. Especially since they nerfed them and they're no longer as effective as they should be. But now with the new items today it seems like there is already a bit of disconcern as to what all we're not getting for our money's worth.

Luckily though they seem to have a decent track record for STO and making fixes based on what the Fans ask, so please please please Make the C-store a little bit more about what we get for the money rather than just what we give the money for.

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