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Okay, two issues.

I had an ATi Radeon HD 5870 Card that I was using to run the game. It performed ok, but Anti-Aliasing never really seemed to work properly (a fact upon which I will elaborate later). Recently, I upgraded to an ASUS Ares (which is essentially a Dual HD 5870).

With Anti-aliasing enabled, it doesn't seem to work. SO, I disabled it and tried forcing it through Catalyst Control, Center. This works, but the Anti-Aliasing only works occasionally. Sometimes, I can Alt-tab away from the game and back and AA will be functioning properly, but it doesn't last. Eventually, it switches back. Sometimes I notice it after Zoning, and sometimes I notice it working When I'm first logging on, and for a little while afterward, but then it turns off and everything looks blurry. In addition (issue #2) When the Devidians appear in missions, sometimes I can see faint shadowy images over the games display.

I couldn't find anyone else with a similar issue, so, I'm posting. Thanks in advance for the help!

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