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02-26-2011, 08:51 PM
Originally Posted by LordDave View Post
So you want STO to go from the Story Driven MMO game the developers felt would work best for Star Trek (ya know, to match the series) and create what seems to be a PVP oriented game? The game sounds a lot like ****, except for the questing.

Plus, what you're describing would only be half a game for us Trek Fans. Yeah it would make the PVPers happy being able to capture and hold planets (that is on the list of things to do BTW) but what about the rest of us? Are you saying that story driven quests suck?

As for instant grouping..
We have that. You may not have it on, but we have it. Ever go into a DSE? A Fleet Action? Public quests that have instant grouping.

Frankly, I'm happy with the quest system. I rarely find the leveling a grind, except the diplomacy stuff. THAT was a grind and a half. But going through the story arcs? Not even close.
Indeed. The developer's drive to match the actual Star Trek series is VITAL to the success of STO and definitely welcome. We need to encourage the developers to keep going, not to copy and paste some other online game. Furthermore, it's time to close this thread.

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